This cancer fighting recipe comes from Kristin Celeste Shroeger at The Intentional Minimalist!

Light olive oil

Peel eight large garlic cloves, trim ends off of garlic cloves and juice one half lemon yielding two tablespoons. Quarter each garlic clove and place cloves into the base of an immersion blender container. Sprinkle cloves with one teaspoon salt and let salt rest on garlic cloves for one minute.

Place immersion blender on top of the cloves and gently press down on the cloves to process them into a thick paste. Remove blender and add lemon juice to the garlic paste. Place blender on top of the garlic paste and process the lemon juice into the paste.

Remove blender and add one cup light olive oil to the paste. Place blender on the bottom of the container and turn on. When the whipped garlic begins to emulsify, slowly lift the blender to the surface where the mixture will be emulsified. Refrigerate whipped garlic in a tightly covered glass jar and use within three days.