Almost everyone has been touched by cancer, including me. I am a breast cancer survivor. I
remember the day that I found a lump. In no time at all I was flung onto a path I never expected
to take. My primary care doctor gave me a hug and got the mammogram scheduled; the
radiologist told me to call my husband and sent me to a surgeon and the surgeon scheduled
surgery and sent me to the oncologist. And there I was, on a journey I never thought I would
take. I spent a lot of time on the couch, tired beyond imagination; recovering from surgeries,
procedures, chemo and radiation. Later on I started to spend some time in the gym and began
to feel better. I know that exercise helped me through my treatments, decreasing the joint pain
and fatigue. It made me feel hopeful, and happy that I was able to do something to help myself
and that’s enough to change everything.

Jean Mahoney MS
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Cancer Exercise Specialist