What exciting new things we will begin offering this spring!

Throughout the years Jean and I have attended many cancer survivor’s events. At these events we would celebrate with the guests and tell them about The Journey Program™. Jean and I limit The Journey Program participants to those that are up to 2 years post treatment. In many cases these guests would say to us, “Well I am (5,10, or even 30 years) out from my cancer diagnosis and treatment so your class won’t help me”.  We are overjoyed at news like this! However, these individuals were right. We needed to come up with something for these survivors.

We are so excited to announce that we are now opening a new class, “A New Journey” ™. A New Journey will be a 10-week group exercise class for any adult who has had any type of cancer EVER. This includes graduates of The Journey Program, men or women ages 18-99*. Classes will meet Mondays and Wednesdays at 1pm at Anytime Fitness West of Traverse City. This is a progressive beginner based program. We concentrate on form and learning confidence of the body and independence in the gym. Each class will include cardio and strength training. We also add in core, balance, and postural re-training.

Introductory rate of $250 for the 10-week class. Only 5 people will be accepted into this first class. Pre-Registration is required. Our first class will begin June 13, 2016. Registration begins NOW! Tell your family. Tell your friends.

Call Now: Annemarie Wigton (231)499-7174

*Pre-Registration and Fitness Consultation are required. Spot in class is reserved when complete registration is turned in. Admittance can be denied for any reason: we have clear definitions of activity readiness that each participant must meet before entering the program.

Sincerely Yours, Annemarie Wigton